original arrangement

Original Arrangement

standard Ruckers double harpsichord:
upper manual C/E-c3
lower manual GG/BB-c3, but appears as C/E-f3
Existing examples:
1637 Ioannes Ruckers - Museo degli Antichi Strumenti Musicali, Rome
1638 Ioannes Ruckers - Russell Collection, University of Edinburgh
Example composer: Sweelinck

Buxtehude arrangement

Lower Manual Aligned

keyboards after first stage of ravelement:
upper manual C/E-c3, lower manual aligned at GG/BB-c3
Existing examples:
1615 Andreas Ruckers - Vleeshuis Museum, Antwerp
1640 Andreas Ruckers - Hotel de Croix, Namur, Belgium
Example composer: Buxtehude
final arrangement

Upper Manual Extended to Left

keyboard arrangement after second stage of ravelement:
both keyboards GG/BB-c3
Existing examples:
1612 - Ioannes Ruckers - Musee d'Histoire Locale, Amiens, France
Example composer: Louis Couperin